Jangling Jack's is as good as it gets.

It’s a neighbourhood bar, set in the leafy and somewhat rundown surrounds of Victoria Street in Potts Point, and it pays to be a regular there. You’ll get to know the killer team, chat with the owners, eavesdrop on the conversations of other regulars, and nod your head along to the best playlist of rock and roll you’ll hear at any bar in the city.

As the long-serving bar manager, Rachael Merritt will tell you: “Jack’s is home away from home.”

They run happy hour every damn day between 4pm and 6pm (we’ll gladly knock back a few of their $10 Old Fashioneds any day of the week, thank you very much), and the food from chef Gaspar Tse is always packed with flavour; at the moment we’re big fans of the chorizo sanga, (made with LP’s Quality Meats chorizo), although the cheeseburger is of world’s best practice standards and the steak frites a suitable choice to soak up the cocktails.

Our best piece advice for Jack’s? Sit at the bar. You’ll feel right at home.

The Recipes

Hear that? It’s the Echo Beach cocktail at Jangling Jack’s
“Vodka, Mandarine Napoleon, Averna, Campari, lemon,” says Merritt. “So it’s fresh, bitter, fruity, and delicious.”
Mezcal and Tequila? The Dusk Til Dawn
A tequila mezcal sour riff, garnished with fragrant chamomile flowers.
Hey! Voodoo Dolly!
This drink, from Jangling Jack’s bartender Molly Gillis, happens to be co-owner Erin Reeves’ favourite drink on the menu.

Meet Rachael