The 50 best drinks at Australian bars in 2023 are right here.

Australia's bartenders are better than ever.

If you ask us, our bars make some of the best drinks in the world, and the Boothby Drink of the Year Awards (now in its second year) represents our effort to shine a light on the drinks — and the bartenders behind them — that make the drinking in Australia as good as it is.

The drinks below are those drinks bartenders serve to their punters night in and night out — drinks that people (and our judges) love. They've been ranked by a panel of more than 100 industry judges — experienced bartenders, bar owners, and industry personalities — and the drinks here give us a little taste of how we drink at bars in 2023.

It's a very good place to drink at.

1. Bad Apple

by Samuel Thornhill
Byrdi, Melbourne


This drink explores the delicious unconventional possibilities of fermentation. It's the work of Samuel Thornhill, at the innovative and flavour forward Melbourne bar, Byrdi. The bar is a champion of local, Victorian produce, and strives to find clever ways to create new flavours from those ingredients.

Ingredients: carbonated apple batch, chamomile apple soda, oligosporus fermented apple.

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2. House Martini

by Rob Libecans
Caretaker's Cottage, Melbourne

A super-cold, always delicious Martini from one of Australia's best bars — and the 2023 Bartender of the Year, Rob Libecans.

Ingredients: house gin, house dry vermouth.

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3. Blueberry Yoghurt Punch

by Andy Chu
One Or Two, Melbourne

Blueberry is the hero in this drink from the talented owner and bartender of One Or Two in Melbourne.

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4. Africola

by Michael Chiem
PS40, Sydney

A play on hot and cold temperatures, this is a drink that even has its own tee shirt — and was named the Drink of the Year in 2022.

Ingredients: Mr Black coffee liqueur, native wattleseed cola, coconut foam.

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5. Sub Tropical Fuckstorm

by Luke Whearty
Byrdi, Melbourne

Perhaps the best named cocktail, ever? The innovative Melbourne temple to drinks, Byrdi, goes tropical.

Ingredients: bunya nut orgeat, clarified banana, dark rum, light rum, blood lime, pineapple, passionfruit, distilled marigold, panella sugar.

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6. HSL Special

by Hayden Lambert
Above Board, Melbourne

Inspired by the Bramble, this drink is named for its creator, Hayden Lambert, and landed at number 2 on the list in 2022.

Ingredients: Amaro Montenegro, creme de mure, lime juice, sugar syrup, absinthe.

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7. Icebergs Sgroppino

by Matty Opai
Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, Bondi

Served with tableside theatre in one of the nation's most iconic settings by one of the city's most loved bartenders.

Ingredients: Patrón El Cielo tequila, fresh lime, prosecco, lemon sorbet, lime zest.

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8. Mango Weis Bar

by Michael Chiem
PS40, Sydney

PS40's very drinkable summer variation on the Pina Colada celebrates the mango.

Ingredients: Archie Rose vodka, mango puree, Coco Lopez, lime, Murray River flaked salt, lime zest.

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9. Two In The Pink

by Alicia Clarke

A vegan Milk Punch that's all about the strawberry and rhubarb at the retro-inspired bar that makes modern, delicious drinks.

Ingredients: rhubarb-infused vodka, strawberry & vanilla syrup, Select Aperitivo, coconut kefir.

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10. Fantales

by Jack Connor
Rosella's, Gold Coast

The lollies may be discontinued, but they've been given a delicious new life by Jack Connor — complete with custom made wrappers.

Ingredients: Rosella's Blend Bundaberg Rum, Brookie's Barrel Aged Mac, mushroom garum caramel, Pennyweight Oloroso Sherry, wattleseed butter.

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Rob Libecans


The Top 50 Drinks of the Year represent the work of Australia’s best bartenders, people working night in and night out not just to provide great tasting drinks to the public, but to host them, look after them, and create an experience they’ll never forget.

We asked each of the bartenders on this year’s list to vote for the bartender among them who they thought was the best of them. Their answer? Rob Libecans, the humble, hospitable, and generous bartender and owner of Caretaker’s Cottage in Melbourne.

11. Pitaya OK!

by Storm Evans with Ryan Bickley & Jeremy Blackmore
Cantina OK!, Sydney

A textural and refreshing sipper from the little mezcaleria doing big things.

Ingredients: tequila, dragonfruit & peppercon soda, coconut, chia, vanilla.

12. Discretionary

by Oliver Churcher
Double Deuce Lounge, Sydney

A clarified Milk Punch built on tequila and coffee by Oliver Churcher, the Discretionary landed at number 9 in 2022.

Ingredients: Anejo tequila, cold brew, maple, whey, salt.

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13. Too Few Tattoos

by Kayla Saito
Dessous, Melbourne

A modern riff on the classic Sherry Cobbler by Melbourne-based Kayla Saito.

Ingredients: Beechworth fino sherry, Melbourne sake, coal roasted melon syrup, melon liqueur, grappa, lemon juice.

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14. Crimson Rune

by Jack Creighton
Death & Taxes, Brisbane

Strawberries and basil are given a boost with black garlic in this drink by former Death & Taxes bartender, Jack Creighton.

Ingredients: Tanqueray gin, Campari, Chamberyzette Aperitif a la Fraise, strawberry, basil, vanilla, and black garlic cordial, lemon.

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15. Marlivale

by Matt Whiley
Re, Sydney

A delicious way to use the byproduct of sake rice polishing, from the ever-resourceful, award-winning Matt Whiley.

Ingredients: roasted rice distillate, clarified banana juice, whisky, tonka bean soda.

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16. Espresslo Martini

by Yao Wong
The Elysian Whisky Bar, Melbourne

There's a hit of nostalgia in this riff on the modern classic at one of the country's great whisky bars.

Ingredients: The Glenlivet Founders Reserve, Milo coffee batch.

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17. Martinny

by Michael Nicolian
Continental Deli, Sydney

The orginal canned cocktail par excellence, you can now get it dirty.

Ingredients: Beefeater Gin, Mancino Secco vermouth, Perello picante olive brine, purified water.

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18. Playing In The Fig Leagues

by Josh Donachie
Re, Sydney

At Sydney bar Re, which focuses on creatively and deliciously repurposing ingredients, even chef Josh Donachie is turning out great drinks.

Ingredients: caramelised white chocolate rum, fig leaf distillate, sugar, Heiwa Yuzushu.

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19. Half Moon

by Nick Corletto
Maybe Mae, Adelaide

A clean, floral, and uplifting Spritz made with Maybe Mae's signature attention to flavour and ingredients.

Ingredients: Hendricks gin, Tanica salted plum and ginger liqueur, verjuice, ginseng tea, white aspen oleo, water.

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Caretaker's Cottage

The Drinks List of the Year presented Perrier is voted on — like the full Top 50 — by a panel of over 100 top bartenders, owners, and industry figures.

The Caretaker’s Cottage list changes monthly, with fresh artwork, new drinks, and old favourites (like their number two drink on this Top 50 list, their House Martini). It’s a small menu with big personality, and shows the team’s dedication to details and design — all in service of a good time.

20. Hidden Piña Colada

by Andres Walters
Old Mate's Place, Sydney

An interactive and playful riff on the classic rum, pineapple, and coconut preparation.

Ingredients: rum, roasted pinepaple, coconut water.

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21. Chandelier

by Lachlan Boyle
Black Pearl, Melbourne

A drink which draws inspiration from both the Corpse Reviver and the London Calling, made at one of Australia's great bars.

Ingredients: Never Never Triple Juniper Gin, grapefruit juice, lemon, pineapple, Tio Pepe, Cocchi Americano, absinthe.

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22. Mary Cockerill

by Liam Murphy
Frog's Hollow Saloon, Brisbane

A left of field riff on the Ramos Gin Fizz from Brisbane up and comer, Liam Murphy, at one of that city's very best bars.

Ingredients: saltbush Bombay Citron Presse gin, second citrus oleo, Fragelico, lemon curd, lemon, aquafaba, soda.

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23. What's Up Doc?

by Thomas Opie
Eileen's Bar at Four Pillars Lab, Sydney

This is a drink employing carrot in delicious ways that only the creative bartender that is Thomas Opie would think of.

Ingredients: Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin, carrot 'lime', Szechuan Pepper/Dorrigo Pepper Coconut Milk, simple syrup, saline, smoked grapefruit oil.

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24. Death Or Glory

by Dale Schoon
Earl's Juke Joint, Sydney

It's a London Calling made, if not better, then more smashable, thanks to the addition of rockmelon.

Ingredients: Tanqueray gin, fino sherry, citrus, rockmelon, orange bitters and grapefruit zest.

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25. Honey Bee

by Shirley Yeung
Foxtrot Unicorn, Perth

A spiced riff on the classic cocktail, the Bees Knees, from the talented Shirley Yeung.

Ingredients: Old Young's butter gin, lemon juice, creamed spiced honey, egg white, saline.

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26. Pandan Airways

by Sarah Mycock
Old Mate's Place, Sydney

The Pandan Airways is equal parts refreshing and moreish — one is often not enough. It's the second year the drink appears on the list.

Ingredients: Young coconut, pandan and strawberry gin, sugar, verjuice.

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27. Fresco

by Jacob Cohen
Savile Row, Brisbane

A refreshing and smashable sipper from Jacob Cohen in Brisbane, this drink forms part of the bar's impressive, textiles-inspired cocktail list.

Ingredients: coconut oil Tanqueray, Midori, verjus, lemon verbena, soda.

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28. Primo Margarita

by Eduardo Conde
El Primo Sanchez, Sydney

This zestier style of Margarita comes from award-winning bartender and leader of El Primo Sanchez, Eduardo Conde.

Ingredients: Patrón Silver, mezcla naranja, agave, lime.

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29. Apollo 11

by Hunter Gregory
Maybe Sammy, Sydney

This cocktail comes from bar manager Hunter Gregory, from Maybe Sammy's award-winning Mirage cocktail menu.

Ingredients: rocket & dill Patrón Silver tequila, beetroot & strawberry syrup, pineapple & rhubarb tepache, rosè, supasawa.

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30. Soul Makossa

by Liv Kelly
Bar Rochford, Canberra

A disco drink for good times from the talented Liv Kelly in Canberra.

Ingredients: gin, mint syrup, lacto-fermented raspberry, lime, Rochford lemonade.

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31. Jalapeño Gibson

by Jarryd Bryant
Society, Melbourne

A savoury and flavoursome take on the Gibson Martini — but without the chilli heat of the jalapeño — from the award-winning Melbourne restaurant's bar.

Ingredients: Never Never Oyster Shell Gin, Jalapeño distillate, pickled onion, dry vermouth, Green Chartreuse.

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32. Reviver

by Ellery Low
Maker, Brisbane

This rich and silky Old Fashioned variation from the talented Ellery Low shows why Maker was named Queensland's best cocktail bar earlier this year.

Ingredients: coconut oil rye whiskey, calvados, cold brew coffee, agave syrup.

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33. Ginacolada

by Max Giudice
Republic of Fremantle, Fremantle

A combination of two favourites — the Sgroppino and the Pina Colada — by the award-winning Max Giudice.

Ingredients: citrus gin, pineapple, lime, saline, absinthe, coconut sorbet, prosecco.

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34. Yakult Milk Punch

by Rusty Russell
Bar Besuto, Sydney

A playful and exuberant drink built upon Japanese whisky.

Ingredients: Toki whisky, Suze, Campari, Maidenii Rosso, Cinzano, orange juice, Yakult.

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35. Hay Fever

by George Curtis
Before + After, Brisbane

This take on the classic whisky cocktail, the Cameron's Kick, gets an amaro twist from the owner and bartender behind Before + After.

Ingredients: Basil Hayden bourbon, Amaro Nonino, lemon, peateed rice orgeat, bee pollen.

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36. Kiwi Slipper

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38. Sunnyboy

by Mat Hewitt
The Gresham, Brisbane

It has been a long time since the drink's creator opened the bar — 10 years, in fact — but his drink, the Sunnyboy, is still on the menu all these years later.

Ingredients: coconut butter-washed vodka, pineapple, passionfruit, vanilla, coconut sugar.

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39. Sunset Americano

by Patrick Nunes, with Alex Gondzioulis and Ben Ingall
Bistecca, Sydney

A long, spritzy Americano riff built for winter months.

Ingredients: Select Aperitivo, raspberry-infused Campari, Saison house vermouth, orange soda.

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40. Leave No Trace

by Sarah Proietti
Maybe Sammy, Sydney

It's a drink long on taste, and inspired by Sarah Proietti's life changing experience at Burning Man.

Ingredients: distllied chocolate & nutmeg Jack Daniels Bonded, Italicus, Talisker 10 Year Old, Supasawa, lemongrass & rockmelon soda.

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41. La Dee Daa

by Kendal Kim with Alex Gondzioulis
The Rover, Sydney

Creaming soda, but for adults, from smart drinking menu at The Rover in Surry Hills.

Ingredients: orange and chamomile cream soda, gin, Applewood Økar Tropic, Rhubi Mistelle, pisco, vanilla.

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42. Peacemaker

by Nat Yao
Bar Margaux, Melbourne

This classically constructed cocktail takes inspiration from the Sazerac and comes from Nat Yao; it's her second year with a drink in the Top 50.

Ingredients: Angel's Envy bourbon, mezcal, Green Chartreuse, Peychaud's Bitters, Pernod Absinthe.

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43. Propeller Head

by Nick Corletto
Maybe Mae, Adelaide

A zippy riff on the modern classic, the Paper Plane, from one of our favourite bartenders, Nick Corletto.

Ingredients: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Ragazzi Succo Amaro, Okar tropic Mistelle, acid-modified red grapefruit juice.

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44. Belle du Jour

by Michael Keogh
La Louisiane, Adelaide

It's a vodka raspberry, but updated and zippy and thoroughly delicious.

Ingredients: Haku vodka, raspberry lacto, rhubarb verjuice, lemon oleo, soda.

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45. Tops N Tails

by Judith Zhu
Door Knock, Sydney

A smart and delicious way to make use of otherwise wasted wine by Judith Zhu.

Ingredients: rum, reclaimed homemade waste wine vermouth, homemade waste falernum, orange/chocolate/saline solution.

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46. Midnight Crusade

by Cameron Abercrombie
High Jinks, Canberra

A refreshing bee pollen rum and amaro Sour from Canberra's Cameron Abercrombie.

Ingredients: bee pollen infused Bacardi Ocho, Amaro Montenegro, poached pear syrup, lime, Angostura aromatic bitters, basil oil.

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47. Sour Negroni

by Jordan Blackman
Odd Culture Fitzroy, Melbourne

This drink by Jordan Blackman is a Negroni take built on a sour kriek vermouth.

Ingredients: London dry gin, kriek vermouth, Campari, Aperol.

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48. Raspberry

by Jessica Clayfield
Black Kite Commune, Melbourne

It tastes like raspberry, but no raspberries were harmed in the making of this drink.

Ingredients: pisco, three Foxes Arvo aperitif, gooseberry syrup, white floral tea verjuice, lime, cranberry.

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49. Spirit Of The Barrel

by Declan Coffey
Hanky Panky Lounge, Darwin

The Old Fashioned meets tropical fruits thanks to Declan Coffey — this drink also saw him win the title of NT Bartender of the Year.

Ingredients: coconut oil-infused whisky, creme de banane, fino sherry, lemon, roasted pineapple.

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50. So Matcha Velvet

by Reuben Beasley-Palmer
Botswana Butchery, Melbourne

An after-dinner drink inspired by Reuben Beasley-Palmer's time living in Japan.

Ingredients: housemade matcha liqueur, white cacao liqueur, cream, roasted sesame oil, pandan meringue.

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