The Frank: the cocktail equivalent of loosening your tie

You've had a day. But there's people to meet and entertain and you're not done working just yet (it just looks a lot more like play).

You’ve had a day. But there’s people to meet and entertain and you’re not done working just yet (it just looks a lot more like play).

You should be drinking this drink at Maybe Sammy, The Frank.

There’s few things more classy than a stirred, spirit-forward cocktail served up. A Martini, a Manhattan, whatever your poison, they’re the drinks you drink when loosening your tie won’t do — the kind of drink to transition from the day into the night.

The Frank fits that bill nicely. Blanco tequila — Mexican whiskey, the Yanks of Frank’s era used to call it — mezcal, Campari, vermouth and Amaro Montenegro. It’s a complex cast of characters worthy of the Rat Pack itself.

You might think that the proportions on this drink are a little strange, and you’d be right. This recipe here makes one single serve of the drink, whereas at Maybe Sammy, they make a 750ml bottle of the stuff and pop it in the fridge for quick service.

After all, you have had a day.

The Frank


  • 12ml blanco tequila
  • 12ml mezcal
  • 12ml sweet vermouth
  • 12ml dry vermouth
  • 5ml Amaro Montenegro
  • 25ml Campari


  1. Stir down with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


Recipe from Maybe Sammy, Sydney.

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