This Gimlet riff features lime leaf and coconut

From Clipper in Auckland comes this Gimlet and Bali-inspired cocktail.

This Gimlet riff features lime leaf and coconut

Below, Barney Toy describes the inspiration behind this drink from the latest cocktail list at Clipper in Auckland, New Zealand, which promises to take you on a trip around the world (without ever leaving the bar).

Lime Leaf & Coconut, Bali  - Indonesia


  • 15ml Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • 30ml Reyka Vodka
  • 30ml lime leaf & coconut cordial
  • 5ml fresh lime juice


  1. Batch all ingredients and carbonate.

What was the inspiration behind this drink?

This is a riff on a classic Gimlet using both gin and vodka — we just gave it some tropical vibes by making a lime leaf and coconut cordial.

How does it taste, and why does it work for you?

This literally tastes exactly like it sounds. It's booze-forward with a sweet zingy floral finish.

Can you briefly describe the techniques behind the drink?

We vac pac and then sous vide lime leaf into a coconut syrup, then turn it into a cordial using an acid solution.