Boothby.Talks: How Whisky Works with Ross Blainey — live, free, and online

Join Sam Bygrave and Ross Blainey as they go beyond the brand chat to get at how the whisky world works.

Boothby.Talks: How Whisky Works
Sam Bygrave & Ross Blainey
Monday 27 September
7.30pm AEST | 5.30pm AWST

Boothby turns one year old this September, and to celebrate what has been a big first year we’re going to pour a dram (or three) and talk shop.

Join Sam Bygrave and his guest, Ross Blainey, and go beyond the brand chat to get at how the whisky world works. Blainey is the brand ambassador for Glenfiddich and The Balvenie and was the 2019 brand ambassador of the year at the Bartender Magazine Bar Awards, and one of the most engaging whisky storytellers working today.

And there are a lot of stories to tell. The whisky world is ever-growing and working in whisky is a dream for many, so Bygrave will ask Blainey about how he got the role, and how others can get paid to work with whisky.

We’ll dive into what drives the sky-high prices of some whiskies (and not others), the role whisky plays in bars, the tensions between tradition and creativity, craft and marketing, and what makes a great whisky in 2021.

We're going beyond the normal how-whisky-is-made chat to look at how the whisky world works more broadly.

Boothby.Talks: How Whisky Works is online and free for Boothby members — sign up for free to the Boothby newsletter and RSVP for the event below.

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