This La Dee Da cocktail from The Rover in Sydney sings with grower-sourced citrus

This recipe from Kendal Kim with Alex Gondzioulis is on the Boothby Top 50 Drinks of the Year 2023.

This drink is one of the Boothby Top 50 Drinks of the Year 2023 — you can see the full Top 50 here.

La Dee Da cocktail recipe


  • 5ml Vanilla Syrup
  • 5ml Barsol Pisco
  • 10ml RHUBI Mistelle
  • 10ml Applewood Økar Tropic
  • 35ml Tanqueray Gin
  • 115ml Poormans Orange & Chamomile Cream Soda


Alex Gondzioulis, the bar manager for the Liquid & Larder group under whose umbrella The Rover sits, says:

“Creaming Soda for adults, with a cool carbonated grape for garnish. Made with weird citrus sourced direct from a small orchard in the Wollemi Valley.”

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