The Martinny at Continental Deli is a drink we love

The original canned cocktail is on the 2023 Boothby Top 50 Drinks of the Year.

This drink is one of the Boothby Top 50 Drinks of the Year 2023 — you can see the full Top 50 here.

Continental Deli's Martinny recipe


  • 2 parts Beefeater Gin
  • 1 part Mancino secco vermouth
  • 1/8 part Perello picante olive brine (the worlds greatest brine)
  • 1/2 part purified water


From the drink’s creator, Michael Nicolian:

“Eight years ago we opened up a cocktail bar and cannery. We ordered cans but had get them in the tens of thousands. To use them, I put the greatest cocktail of all time in there, the Martini. The drink has now evolved to have the option to go dirty. It’s very good, the knock-on effect is that people now love martini’s and they have cropped up on menus everywhere since. Yes. We made the Martini cool again!”

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