Open to close: a quick guide to the Newtown & Enmore bar scene

A stone's throw from the city proper, a night in Newtown can feel like you're somewhere else.

Open to close: a quick guide to the Newtown & Enmore bar scene

The twin streets of King Street and Enmore Road offer a different side of Sydney; it’s one of the city’s more multicultural areas, home to artists, uni students, and some great drinking experiences. For a long time that meant big pubs, and cheap drink deals. But 10 years ago, Earl’s Juke Joint put the inner west suburb on the quality drinking map, and since then, a stack of great bartenders have gone on to open small, intimate bars in the area that give locals an excuse to stay local.

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Bar Louise

135 Enmore Rd, Enmore

From the folks behind Continental Deli comes a Spanish inspired wine and tapas joint, where all the things are good.

Bar Planet

16 Enmore Rd, Newtown

At Bar Planet, the bartenders wear smocks, instead of tuxedos; the decor is more hippy-psychedelic than pressed tin ceilings and brass fixtures; it’s more, well, Newtown, than grand and fancy New York, but it's no less memorable.

Continental Deli

210 Australia St, Newtown

Continental have been putting cocktails in cans since the day they opened — we still think their Mar-tinny is one of the best Martinis you're going to get anywhere.

Earl's Juke Joint

407 King St, Newtown

At Earl's you'll find great drinking, good times hospitality — you'll find it hard to leave. It's the perfect neighbourhood bar.

Fortunate Son

105 Enmore Rd, Newtown

It's the bar we all want: comfortable seats, a great back bar, neons, warm service and great drinks — it's the kind of rock and roll joint in which you wanna knock back a bottle of Krug.


127 King Street, Newtown

Dre Walters (Old Mate’s Place, Ginny’s Canoe Club) and Swan Kanongataa (ex-The Wild Rover among others) have opened a bar in Newtown. It’s called Huelo, and features a general store at the front with a 12 seat cocktail bar out the back, (and an outdoor patio).

Jacoby's Tiki Bar

154 Enmore Rd, Enmore

It's the best damn tiki bar in town, hands down (and probably the country, too).

Odd Culture

266 King Street Newtown

Odd Culture is pouring natural wine, wild ales, ferment-based cocktails and everything in between.