This cocktail from Brisbane's Dawn brings blackberry and lemon to bourbon

When you pair lemon and blackberry with good American whiskey — that’s when delicious things begin to happen.

If you’ve ever had a Bramble, you’ll know that the combination of lemon and blackberries is not just delicious, it’s a little addictive. The interplay of blackberry sweetness and lemony sourness is a surefire winner.

But pair lemon and blackberry with good American whiskey? That’s when magical things begin to happen.

That’s the backbone of this drink, Dusk Til Dawn, from bartender Matt Portillo at Dawn in the Brisbane CBD. Created for Australian Cocktail Month, they infuse dry oloroso sherry with a little blackberry, sweeten things with rapadura sugar, and bring together Buffalo Trace bourbon and lemon.

The end result? A memorable drink that transcends the humble Whiskey Sour.

Get the recipe below, and watch Portillo talk through the drink above.

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Dusk Til Dawn


  • 25ml lemon juice
  • 20ml rapadura sugar syrup
  • 20ml blackberry oloroso sherry
  • 45ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon
  • 2 drops Wonderfoam


  1. Shake all ingredients briefly without ice.
  2. Then add ice, shake and double strain into a rocks glass over a block of ice.


Recipe by Matt Portillo, Dawn, Brisbane.

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