When it comes to both spirits and Boothby, what do you want to see?

Here's how you can tell us what you want to see on both Boothby, and in the broader drinks world, too.

When it comes to both spirits and Boothby, what do you want to see?

I’m fresh from a couple weeks over in the USA, where I hit LA, New Orleans, and New York. It’s always an eye-opening experience, because there’s just So Much Happening All The Time over there. It’s a strange place, of course — there are extremes of poverty and ridiculous wealth, brand new thinking and stubborn old attitudes all happening all at the same time.

But I think in that chaos there’s a lot of inspiration to be had. I’ll be writing more about the visit — and the 10 Australian bars that William Grant & Sons took to New Orleans and Tales of the Cocktail for one hell of a party (and one they took me along to cover) in the next couple of weeks. Suffice it to say, my head is spinning with ideas.

But for now, I’d really love to hear from you, and for two reasons: Part one, I’d love to know the reasons why you read Boothby and would love your feedback in shaping the future of what I write and shoot here. And part two, I’ve got a couple of questions about what you’d like to see brands doing more and less of. Is sustainability still something you want to hear about, for instance, or are you a bit over it?

It’s a short, brief survey that’ll take just a minute to fill out — you can see the survey below. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to fill it out.

To sweeten the deal, I’ll be sending out a bottle of something delicious to three of the most helpful responses — don’t tell me what you think I want to hear, tell me what you want!

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