Sherry and rye get the Fizz treatment in the Buffalo Fizz

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Sherry and rye get the Fizz treatment in the Buffalo Fizz

Who doesn’t like a Fizz recipe? In the case of this Buffalo Fizz, it’s a simple Whiskey Sour made on rye, with a little oloroso sherry to tame the spirit, shaken with egg white and energised with soda.

You can find this Buffalo Fizz in The Hoffman House Bartenders Guide, which dates to first years of the 1900s.

It’s quite the book. It’s known for publishing what is likely the first recipe for a dry-style Martini, and is something of a time capsule on how to open and run a bar at the turn of the last century, written by Charles S. Mahoney, the head bartender at Hoffman House in New York.

The Hoffman House was also home to the creation of the Adonis — a low-ABV sipper of sherry, sweet vermouth, and aromatic bitters, so perhaps that house had a fondness for sherry. It gets a good run in the Buffalo Fizz we have here, a snappy cocktail in which rich rye whiskey is partnered with an oloroso style of sherry in a Sour, whipped up with egg white and topped with soda.


Making the Buffalo Fizz is easy. Video: Boothby


  • 50ml Elijah Craig Rye
  • 25ml oloroso sherry
  • 25ml lemon juice
  • 15ml sugar syrup
  • 15ml egg white


Shake with ice. Shake without ice. Strain into a chilled Fizz glass. Top with soda.

Adapted from The Hoffman House Bartenders Guide.

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