This enlivening low ABV drink brings coffee and tonic (and sweet vermouth) together

If you're after some complexity with your low ABV drink (and a jolt of caffeine), this is what you want.


At first blush, the thought of coffee and tonic water being mixed together in one glass doesn’t sound quite right.

But it works. There’s something about the way the tonic brings its quinine and citrusy brightness to the richness of coffee — it’s a bright, sparkling way to get your daily coffee into you.

The drink got some hype around 2015, thanks to the third wave coffee movement (and the prevalence of social media).

But it’s also a drink that is ripe for a little riffing — and a little vermouth. When you bring together the sweetness and rich complexity of sweet vermouth — preferably one with richer notes and greater weight like like Carapano Antica Formula — with the flavours of coffee and tonic, you’ve got yourself a refreshing, complex, and enlivening low ABV drink.


Coffee & Tonic


  1. 45ml sweet vermouth (like Carpano Antica Formula)
  2. 20ml Little Drippa
  3. 90ml good quality tonic water


  1. In a highball glass, add all ingredients.
  2. Top with ice.
  3. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

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