Breaking down the Paloma, a drink we love

And what better way to celebrate one’s love for a drink, than to drink one on its special day?

Breaking down the Paloma, a drink we love
The Paloma is a drink we love.

They make a flavoursome range of sodas, and you can get them through Australian distributor 3Two1 Drinks.

The Paloma. It’s a very simple preparation, but there’s perhaps no better way to enjoy tequila. Why complicate things?

You may have noted, on social and in publications like this one right here, the 22nd of May is celebrated as World Paloma Day. I've always thought these days as a little ridiculous, but I'll take it as an excuse to drink a couple of these tonight.

As Kevin Clark, the brand ambassador for The London Essence Co. range of mixers (and of the greats on the Australian bar scene) says in the video here, the Paloma works in summer but it also works in winter. It’s a clean, crisp drink which — when made with quality tequila that boasts proper agave notes — is equal parts moreish and refreshing.

The drink is a Mexican one, and there it’s often made with Squirt which is of some approximate grapefruit flavour without really quite getting there. It’s a great drink the way it is. But the Paloma is a good example of a drink that is improved when using better quality ingredients. We’ve used The London Essence Co.’s new pink grapefruit soda here — it packs flavour in whilst remaining a balanced beverage in and off itself. They make it with pink grapefruits. (Of course), but also with the addition of some makrut lime leaf for aromatics, along with a touch of sage and buddha’s hand fruit.

It’s also a recipe you can riff on, as Clark has done here.

Kev Clark's Paloma recipe


  1. 30ml La Dama Tequila
  2. 1 barspoon of agave syrup
  3. 10ml lime juice
  4. The London Essence Co. Pink Grapefruit Soda to top


  1. Add all ingredients to a highball glass with ice.
  2. Garnish with a pink grapefruit, and a salt rim if so desired.