Remember when drinks were fun? After the year 2020 has been, we could all use a little levity. Luckily, award-winning producers Marionette have released a Blue Curaçao — and it’s next to impossible not to have a little fun with blue drinks.

Made from three types of citrus (seville oranges, navel oranges, and mandarin) grown in Mildura, the Melbourne made liqueur ticks a lot of boxes: a higher ABV than most blue curaçao out there; a drier taste profile with less sugar than other types; and serious, complex flavour without sacrificing the fun.

Below, watch how the Bloody Fruit Tingle comes together (trust us, it’s a good time); co-owner and acclaimed bartender Nick Tesar tells us how they make the stuff; and pick up three good time recipes.

How Do
They Make It?

Marionette Blue Curaçao is made in Melbourne from three types of citrus grown in Mildura. Here, co-owner and acclaimed bartender Nick Tesar tell us how they make it. Learn more here.

Recipes For
A Good Time

The Bloody Fruit Tingle recipe: a disco-era drink made delicious
The namesake effervescent lollies were born in Australia, so it makes sense to use top Australian drops in this Bloody Fruit Tingle recipe.
A Royal Hawaiian cocktail — but make it blue
It’s tropical, it uses junipery gin, and the best bit? This take on the Royal Hawaiian cocktail is blue.
A Blue Lagoon recipe with real Blue Curacao
It’s a simple drink with just three ingredients, and built for fun — so what you put into it needs to be better than great.


To learn more about Marionette Blue Curaçao, or to pick up a bottle, visit their website at