Meet your Australian Top 10 Finalists for Patrón Perfectionists 2022

These are the stories behind the Top 10 finalists in the 2022 Patrón Perfectionists cocktail competition.

Meet your Australian Top 10 Finalists for Patrón Perfectionists 2022


What makes for a great cocktail, for the perfect drink? We think that if you begin with great ingredients — each of the bartenders showcased here began with Patrón Silver — and pull them together in a way that puts flavour and deliciousness to the fore, then you're on the right track.

But the best drinks have a reason for being; they speak to a time, a place, and their maker. Each of the finalists here have a story to tell and they're telling it in the most delicious way they know how.

After the Top 10 was announced on October 18th, we spoke to each of the finalists and below you'll find stories like a bittersweet move from Sri Lanka to Australia, of the lo-fi destruction of passionfruits on fence palings, and of a veteran bartender wanting to learn more from his bartending kin; there's a beautiful story about keepsakes from family, of childhood memories, and about passion for a creative bartending life.

Get a quick hit in the video snippets below, and follow the links for the full interviews and a look at each of their recipes.

Alex Boon is the
winner of Patrón
Perfectionists 2022

The bartender and co-owner of Pearl Diver Cocktails & Oysters will go on to compete against the world in March 2023.


The Top
10 Finalists


A1 by
Storm Evans

“You know, being Far North Queensland, passion fruit is everywhere. So it’s not even a matter of just going to the market. It’s like, they grow like weeds on your back fence.”

Get the recipe and read more about the bartender and creative lead at Cantina OK! in Sydney.



Koumala by
Andie Bulley

“I’ve always really liked caring for people and making people’s night — that’s always been something that I’ve just really enjoyed.”

Read more about Andie’s story and get her recipe here.


Delicate Duality
by Kayla Reid

“When I was growing up I would go around to my grandparents house to go visit as a kid, and they had strawberry bushes growing behind their house.”

Get Kayla’s inventive recipe and learn more about her story here.


Silver Lining
by Haadee Bahar

“For me moving from Sri Lanka was a big deal because we come from a country with strong family bonds.”

Read Haadee’s moving story and get the recipe for his delicious drink right here.


Frankie by
Alex Boon

“As a kid, I hated Uncle Toby’s Oats. I went out of my way to make them taste like anything but Uncle Toby’s Oats, and I’m still doing that, you know, at 35.”

Get Alex’s recipe and learn more about the owner and operator of Pearl Diver Cocktails & Oysters here.


Petrichor by
Martin McConnell

“Beetroot’s got a really interesting element in it that’s actually the same scent as petrichor, which is the smell of rain.”

Learn more about Martin McConnell and his rain-inspired cocktail recipe here.


K.I.S.S by
Etien Celzner

“Making people happy just by eating or tasting something is something else. Amazing.”

Learn more about Etien’s story and get his unique recipe here.


Folktale by
Bec Bayley

“Every single day is different. I could never sit in an office — that would be a nightmare for me.”

Get Bec’s recipe for Folktale and hear more from her here.



Abuela Margaret
by Talis Heggart

“I based it on a memory — the earliest memory I’ve got, really, which was when I was really little, probably four or five years old.”

Get Talis’ moving story and his recipe right here.


Hyding In
The Gums
by Chris Tilley

“I’ve always been fascinated with food and drinks as a culture.”

Get the recipe for Chris’ strawberry gum-inspired cocktail and more here.

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